Uprisings 1981: A Commemoration

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On 10th April 1981 Brixton exploded in anger, an anger that swept across UK inner cities in what Malcom x would describe as ‘a long hot summer’ which culminated her in Liverpool.  The causes have been well documented; racist and brutal policing compounded by the failure of the police to protect black people from racist violence and the effects of Thatcherite policies which brought high unemployment and increased poverty to communities already in decline.  In this 40th anniversary year we remember the uprisings and consider their legacies and lessons for a new generation of Black Lives Matter and anti-racist activists today.  Join us for an afternoon of discussion, performance and photography where we ask how much progress has there been in the last 40 years and where do we go from here? 

Guests include:

Kim Johnson MP for Riverside, steward and life- long anti-racist campaigner.

Leila Hassan Co-organiser, alongside her husband Darcus Howe, of the Black Peoples Day of Action March in 1981 which responded to the New Cross massacre and the deputy editor of Race Today. 

Lawrence Hoo, Bristol-based poet and educator whose work throws light upon the life experiences of Britain’s marginalised communities.

Leroy Cooper, Acclaimed photographer whose arrest back in ‘81 was the final spark igniting the Toxteth uprising  

Ngunan Adamu, Radio Merseyside presenter and CEO of i-Woman

Erinma Bello, Founder and CEO of CARISMA - Community Alliance for Renewal Inner South Manchester Area. 

Ifem "Iffy" Onuora, Scottish former professional footballer, manager, and coach. Currently Equalities Coach for the Professional Footballers Association

Jimi Jagni, Community activist who, as a young man, was arrested during the events in Liverpool 8 

Natalie Denny, Writer and founder member of the Goddess Project 

Prepare for an artist ‘takeover’ of the museum, opening with the Afro-Latin beats of Katumba and performance throughout the afternoon.  With children’s art activities and light refreshments served it’s a family day out. Produced in partnership with Writing on the Wall, National Museums Liverpool and The Institute for Creative Enterprise at Edgehill University.

This is event is produced in partnership with Writing on the Wall and The Institute for Creative Enterprise at Edgehill University.

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Image credit: Goff Tinsley