Creativity and Wellbeing week: Art of Kintsugi

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To mark Creativity and Wellbeing week and Mental Health awareness week our teams are exploring the art of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of piecing broken pottery back together with gold, building on the idea that breakage and repair is part of the history of an object, embracing and highlighting the imperfections and creating a more beautiful and interesting piece of pottery in the process.

Join us on gallery for this informal talk as we look at how our Museums and Galleries look after a lot of objects with long histories, which can include damage through age and accidents, sometimes before they came into our venues but we treat these objects with just as much care and importance as all our collections, we sometimes repair and sometimes leave them but we often include this in the narrative of the object.  We do this with objects but do we do this with people?  As a society do we embrace the imperfections we see within others?