John Moores Painting Prize Talk: Emily Kraus

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Unfortunately due to industrial action this event has been cancelled. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Join us for this talk with 2023 Prize winner Emily Kraus in front of her painting 'Stochastic 14'.

"I work inside a cubic scaffold structure around which I stretch a canvas loop. It is a shelter, a constraint, a tabernacle and a boundary. The mechanism itself — rolling bars and canvas with no end — is a metaphor for the cyclical world. To create an organic image within a rigid system whose nature is to make repetitive marks requires listening, attention and rebellion.

"Using this apparatus is like painting with blinders on. I hold the memory of surrounding marks as I focus on what I can see, forcing my eyes to layer linear time like ears do when composing a musical score."

Tickets for this talk are £5 and include entry to the exhibition.