John Moores Painting Prize Talk: Emma Roche

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Join us for this talk on gallery to explore the themes surrounding the painting selected as the Lady Grantchester prize winner 'Hurl', led by Emma Roche. 

"These works are primarily concerned with the mechanics and history of painting and are motivated by abstraction and experimentation. Images in the work often indicate liquids such as tears and bodily excretions. I am drawn toward the molten qualities of paint and how it is mimetic of these corporeal liquids. 

The process is slow. I make long lines of acrylic paint, extruded through a syringe and then lay them out to dry. Once dry, they are peeled off and used as if wool or thread - the paint strands are literally knitted together (with knitting needles) to make the painting. Preliminary drawings on gridded paper are used as craft charts to work from - each square represents a stitch to build the image. Physically questioning the ‘gesture’ through this purposefully irreverent and ridiculous use of materials and subverting the heroic history of painting is also of interest.This process corresponds to the humdrum of daily repetitiveness and physically records and stores time." 

Tickets for this talk are £5 and include entry to the exhibition.