Marbling Masterclass by Art School Tsymbal

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Join us for this special workshop as part of our Eurovision celebrations at Walker Art Party, led by Ukrainian artists from Art School Tsymbal.

This workshop uses an Turkish technique of modern painting "EBRU" - drawing by wind on water. This art form was available only to the kings of the East and the people of the royal court. Legends say that before important decisions, the kings immersed themselves in the EBRU technique in order to calm down and make a wise, fair and balanced decision. You will have the opportunity to learn about another feature of EBRU during the workshop.

Each participant, using various tools, will get to form a pattern with ultra-light paints on the surface of a special water-based thickener. At the end of the session, the drawing from the surface of the water will be transferred into your own masterpiece, which will be transportable and ready to take home.

This session is suitable for anyone aged 7+, however please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult. No previous experience is required.

Part of the Walker Art Party

10.30 - 11.45am