Tom Wood - Documenting your Day: Visual Diaries

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Tom Wood, originally trained as a painter, often had experimental and creative ways of capturing his subjects and was often described as an art photographer. In this series of workshops, we will experiment with and explore alternative ways of documenting observations and memories, inspired by some of the themes that underpin the work of Tom Wood. Participants will get to explore these through discussions, interactive activities, and creating a response in the form of an art piece.

Photographers are experts in observing, and capturing, the world around them, and giving the viewer a glimpse into specific times, places, and memories. Inspired by Tom Wood’s ability to document and present his surroundings, participants will be invited to creatively think about doing the same through other forms.

To represent what they see in a well-rounded and detailed way, many photographers produce photo essays - a series of photographs presented as a collection, which together tell a story. This to some can be seen as a visual diary of their observations, thoughts, and feelings. 

Within this session, participants will be invited to produce their own physical visual diaries using mixed media materials, and supported by skilled facilitators. No photography or art experience is required to join us for this creative and thought-provoking session. 

1 - 2.45pm