Toxic Masculinities/Queer Positivities

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Join us in this free workshop, run in partnership with Mersey Bears, where we look at perspectives on the idea of masculinity, challenge what that might mean today and creatively rethink how queer people might portray their own ideas of masculinity, gender, or identity. 

Taking inspiration from the portraits of Henry VIII displayed in the Tudors exhibition we will find out more about the ways artists created the enduring portraits of Henry VIII, skewing the truth to portray Henry in the way he wanted to be seen; aggressive, dominant, ‘manly’. We’ll consider the reality behind these portraits, for the Henry depicted wasn’t the Henry who existed. The real Henry VIII had increasing health problems and an attitude few couldn’t call toxic.  

Following this we will engage in some life drawing, using a model of a similar age to Henry VIII in the Holbein portrait to create our own life studies. Finally we will participate in a practitioner-led session to create our own self-portraits, focussing on how we might like to show our own masculinities (or femininities) and to create portraits that celebrate diverse body types, personalities, and identities.