Identification workshop: beetle families

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In this series of specialist identification workshops, you'll learn the basics of how to recognise insect species of a particular group, whether it's in our entomology lab or out in the field. This event is for adults only, read on to find out more about this particular workshop and its location.

This event

This 2-day workshop, led by Dan Asaw, aims to arm participants with the knowledge to accurately begin to separate beetle families commonly encountered by beginners. It also discusses the features described in a variety of identification resources and introduces the use of taxonomic keys. 

Beetles represent a diverse and ecologically important group of invertebrates and include ecological roles such as pollinators, plant pests, decomposers and active hunters. Dispite being popular within entomologists and capturing the imagination of generations of insect enthusiasts they are often under recorded. With over 4000 species split between over 100 taxonomic families within the UK alone, the identification of beetles can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task for the uninitiated.

This workshop will cover

  • The key morphological features used in beetle identification.
  • An introduction to the use of beetle identification keys.
  • Access to museum specimens.
  • Practical experience observing and identifying specimens using a microscope.

If you are thinking of delving into the identification of beetles through the use of keys or simply want an introduction to the key families of beetle in the UK this is the ideal event for you.

The course takes place from 10.30am - 4pm

Our Tutor

A keen educator, and coleopterist – Dan is eager to share his knowledge and experience with a wide range of audiences. He has experience working in within the education sector, rearing a range of exotic invertebrates and delivering natural history courses as part of the FSC’s BioLinks project. In his current role he helps create and deliver virtual natural history courses for the Field Studies Council. Dan is a self-taught coleopterist and is usually found either halfway up a tree or knee deep in dung looking for interesting beetles!

The Tanyptera Project

These events are part of The Tanyptera Project, a 7.5 year initiative (2017-2024) funded by the Tanyptera Trust to promote the study and conservation of insects and other invertebrates in the Lancashire and Cheshire region of NW England. You can learn more about it on the North West Invertebrates website here