Identification workshop: flowerbugs and lacebugs

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In this series of specialist identification workshops, you'll learn the basics of how to recognise insect species of a particular group, whether it's in our entomology lab or out in the field. This event is for adults only, read on to find out more about this particular workshop and its location.

This event

With just over 30 species of Flowerbug and 27 Lacebugs occurring in Britain and Ireland, these under-recorded groups are a manageable size to add to your invertebrate recording.

This workshop will cover

- Recognising easily identified species in the field.
- Practising identifying specimens with a draft key
- Some of the common identification pitfalls

Tutor information

Our tutors, Jim Flanagan & Tristan Bantock run the two national recording schemes for terrestrial Heteropteran bugs.

The Tanyptera Project

These events are part of The Tanyptera Project, a 7.5 year initiative (2017-2024) funded by the Tanyptera Trust to promote the study and conservation of insects and other invertebrates in the Lancashire and Cheshire region of NW England. You can learn more about it on the North West Invertebrates website here