Identification workshop: shieldbugs, grasshoppers and crickets

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In this series of specialist identification workshops, you'll learn the basics of how to recognise insect species of a particular group, whether it's in our entomology lab or out in the field. This event is for adults only, read on to find out more about this particular workshop and its location.

This event

Our tutor for the day, Phil Smith, will introduce you to some of the shieldbugs, grasshoppers and crickets that can be identified on the Sefton Coast. The adults and most earlier instars of these small groups of UK insects are usually identifiable in the field once learnt so they make good subjects to add on to other recording you might be doing at a site.

The day will start with an introductory presentation at the discovery centre – and examining specimens from the World Museum in the event of adverse weather. After lunch we will drive a short distance to Freshfield Dune Heath where we will spend some time walking short distances at a slow pace across the dune heath sweeping and beating vegetation to find our subjects.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided but please bring a packed lunch, appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear, and sun protection.

Access: Freshfield Dune Heath is reached via kissing gates so is sadly not accessible for wheelchair users.

Our Tutor

Phil Smith has been studying the national history of the Sefton Coast for decades and takes a particular interest in photographing and recording dragonflies and damselflies, grasshoppers and crickets, and shieldbugs.

The Tanyptera Project

These events are part of The Tanyptera Project, a 7.5 year initiative (2017-2024) funded by the Tanyptera Trust to promote the study and conservation of insects and other invertebrates in the Lancashire and Cheshire region of NW England. You can learn more about it on the North West Invertebrates website here