LAAF Henna Hands family workshop with Layla Gibiliru

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In this drop-in workshop at World Museum Liverpool, artist Layla Gibiliru invites families to make their own ‘Henna Hands’ designs on paper, inspired by beautiful Henna patterns and plants.

Henna is a plant dye traditionally used across Arab countries. It is commonly used during Eid, weddings and other celebrations through temporary body designs. Layla would often go to community events as a child, and now as an adult, and usually see someone doing henna.

For Layla, henna relates to her culture and community. “My most loved memory of henna is in Yemen, seeing my Gida (Grandmother) and Gidu (Grandfather), walking around our house with bright orange hair and my Gidu with a bright orange beard. My Gida always wore her head scarf outside, so it was only visible inside our home and something I always loved seeing.” Layla draws on her heritage to inspire this workshop for families.

This is an unticketed workshop is part of an afternoon of activities at World Museum as part of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.
Suitable for children +5 and their families.


Layla Gibiliru is a Yemeni and English artist, and Liverpudlian. As an artist she has created works such as “Invisible injustice”, “The Absence of the Author”, “People”, “Placenta of Life” and “Women”. She has showcased work as part of two of BlackFest festivals and has exhibited in Gallery 445, Blackburn House and Camp and Furnace. 

Alongside her work as an artist, Layla’s practice is embedded within local communities such as Liverpool Outdoor Art Club and local scout groups. She is also the author and illustrator of children’s book, Tatty Ava; a story that makes brushing hair exciting and portrays the protagonist as a girl with beautiful curly hair.