Little World - Baby Week

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Come to our Little World full of Big Ideas! Bring along the little ones for creative play, songs, stories and more. Explore the world, the museum, and our collections through toys, sensory playtime, replica objects and reliefs, tactile materials, and open-ended crafts and colouring in a safe, enclosed environment.

This session is designed for little ones under the age of 5, sessions will vary each month and at times we may be getting messy! 

For Baby Week we are running extra sessions 
Wed 16 Nov - 1.30-3.30pm 
Thur 17 Nov - 1.30-3.30pm  
Fri 18 Nov - 10am-11.30am and 1.30-3.30pm  
Sat 19 Nov - 10am-11.30am and 1.30-3.30pm