Notes from future worlds to a common past

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It is 2023 and our narrator has returned from a journey that has taken them into the depths of history to the present. They have collected rock pieces that formed the first agricultural tools. They have seen the fauna of a rainforest slowly destroyed. They have observed the way robots ‘learn’ to behave in the laboratories of America’s wealthiest research institutes.

Using storytelling, objects and sound, this performance will animate the common threads that have passed through large upheavals and breakthroughs throughout history. Incorporating the Grant Museum of Zoology's objects, specimens and history it will prompt questions on climate justice, the relationship of imperialism to natural history, and the thread from deep history to speculative futures.

Due to the nature of the topic we recommend this event for children ages 8 and up
Shows will be performed at 
11am - 11.45am
1.30pm - 2.15pm

Activated by the surroundings of the Grant Museum of Zoology and based on research by the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies Cambridge