Relaxed Screenings

No current dates available

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Unfortunately due to industrial action this event won't take place again until the 16 May. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Our relaxed shows have adjustments to be more inviting for visitors with sensory needs and their friends and families. These adjustments include: low level lighting left on during the shows, lower volume levels, reduced capacity to leave more choices in where to sit. People may like to chat or respond to shows while they are running.  We will have a small number of sensory toys and objects available for visitors to borrow on request.       

All Planetarium shows on the following days are relaxed sessions:

16 May 2024 
8 June 2024 
12 July 2024 
7 August 2024 
5 September 
12 October 2024
15 November 2024 
11 December 2024

You can find the full Planetarium programme here