Save the bees! But which bees need saving? Find out with Andrea Ku!

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Bees, bees, bees! Did you know there are more than 270 bee species in Britain ranging from the well known honey bee, to bumblebees and solitary bees?

Andrea Ku, local artist and beekeeper will explain about the different types of bees and then you can decide which bee(s) need saving!

Participants will never look at bees in the same way again,  and will have an understanding of how we can all play a part in protecting those that need us most. 

Andrea will be bringing in an observational beehive to show a colony from one of her Liverpool beehives to show participants how to identify each caste of bee. This is a great opportunity to watch bees carrying out some of their duties with an expert to explain what is happening in their extraordinary world. 

This session will help you to appreciate why we all must be highly respectful of bees, but not fearful. And don't worry - the observational hive is fully enclosed and self-sustaining with no risk of bees escaping! 

Ever thought about becoming a beekeeper? Andrea will also talk about beekeeping and careers in beekeeping and will be available to answer your questions at the end of the session.

This event is aimed primarily at young people  aged 16-24  but all visitors are welcome to attend. 

Free of charge, and places are limited to first come on the day!