Spotlight Day: Egyptian and Nubian Pyramids

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Please note that this workshop has been moved from Saturday 1 June to Friday 31 May due to the intended strike action.

The pyramids are probably the most iconic structure to be built by the Ancient Egyptians and today they are still instantly recognisable and visited by thousands of people every year. Despite their popularity they are still seen as mysterious and enigmatic structures with a tremendous mythology attached to them. Were they built by aliens? Were the workers enslaved by a tyrannical megalomaniac?  In this study day we'll find out together.

During this study day we will look at the development of pyramid building in Egypt, looking at the successes but also some of the learning curves that caused other pyramids to bend, bow, and even collapse. We will also explore some of the ancient beliefs about the nature of pyramids, what they represented and why they were built. Where possible we will look at the lives of those responsible for the pyramids including architects, overseers, and the 'Drunkards of Menkaure'. Finally, we will look into how pyramid building continued in one form or another long after the famous three at Giza were built.

This day is perfect for those wanting to find out more about these amazing structures. No prior knowledge is expected, and the day will serve as a perfect introduction.

Tickets are £25, with every purchase helping to support our work at National Museums Liverpool.

11am - 3.30pm
World Museum Treasure House Theatre