Spotlight Day: Egyptian Mummification

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Mummification developed in Egypt over thousands of years, preservation of the physical body being a core part in the belief in a successful resurrection. The mummy room in the World Museum is still one of the most popular spots in the museum, a place where you can come face to face with a real Ancient Egyptian.

During this spotlight day we will focus on the development of mummification, learning about the beliefs behind mummification as well as the various techniques used to preserve the dead. We will consider how mummies were treated in Europe as medicine, paint, and even fertiliser before spending some time in our Mummy Room, finding out more about the people whose mummies are now in World Museum.

No prior knowledge is expected, and the day will serve as a perfect introduction. Please be warned that we will be discussing the treatment of the dead and will be looking at images of human remains and real mummies.

Tickets are £25, with every purchase helping to support our work at National Museums Liverpool.