Spotlight Day: Tutankhamun

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Tutankhamun was born over 3300 years ago into a family at the apex of Ancient Egyptian society. He ruled for no more than a decade, much of that time through regents who governed for the ‘boy king’. When his short life was over he was buried in an insignificant tomb in the floor of the Valley of the Kings surrounded by his illustrious ancestors and later by the great kings that would follow him.

In 1922 the almost intact tomb of this almost unknown king was rediscovered and he suddenly became a household name, inspiring films, songs, fashions, architecture, comics, and hundreds of books conjecturing over his life and death. But how much do we actually know about this young man who lived and died so very long ago?

In this spotlight day we will be looking at what we can really know about Tutankhamun. Using primary sources and the most up to date research we will explore who he was, how he lived, and how he might have died. We’ll dispel some of the popular myths about Tutankhamun as well as opening up some new questions which have yet to be answered.

The spotlight day will last 11am-3.30pm with a break for lunch. Tickets cost £25 and can be purchased in advance from our website.