When NASA went to the moon

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December 1972 and the last man to walk on the Moon, Eugene Cernan left his footprint on the surface to return home in Apollo 17. 50 years later and no one has ever returned.

Join us as Liverpool Astronomical Society deliver fascinating talks at World Museum Treasure House Theatre at 1 and 2pm and explore a host of display material and activities next door at Liverpool Central Library from 9.30am.

12 noon Dermot Gathings, Preston and District Astronomical Society
The Goodwill Moon rock: A unique insight into the final mission to the Moon, Apollo 17. Presented by an eye witness who attended the launch as a guest of NASA.

1pm Steve Southern, President of the Liverpool Astronomical Society
The Moon: A look at our nearest neighbour, its journey through space, why we have eclipses and getting close to some of the Maria and craters on its surface

2pm Dr Kevin Bowman, University of Central Lancashire. 
The Final Moon Landing: A fantastic presentation about NASA’s missions to land humans on the Moon including some spectacular footage and 3D effects.