Year of Kopernicus with Liverpool Polonia

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‘About the man who stopped the Sun and moved the Earth…’

Did you know that Saturn’s rings are made 90% out of water? 
What makes Pluto a dwarf planet?
Who found that Earth spins around the Sun? 

If you like to have fun while learning new things about our solar system and planets, join us on the 2nd of November! 
Merseyside Polonia is bringing to you a special, fun workshop where you can learn about one of the greatest astronomers of all times- Mikołaj Kopernik! Polish astronomer who stopped the sun and moved the earth with his controversial theory! This year we are celebrating 550 years since this great astronomer was born, and we invite you to celebrate this great scientist with us! 
This event takes place in the Skyline gallery on the top floor of World Museum, right next to Planetarium.

This event is unticketed, donations welcome.