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A head and torso from a small votive female statuette, of the type of kourotrophos, ( means woman nurturing a child ) holding a child. The female wears a garment with horizontal pleats on her chest and has her head covered by what may have been a himation. The back of the seat where the female is seated survives. Only the head of the child she holds can be seen to her left hand side. The child wears the conical hat which is often seen in these type of votive statuettes . Both the woman's and child's facial features have significantly eroded and the back of the statuette is very flat.

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
  • Date made
    5th Century BC about
  • Materials
  • Location
    Item not currently on display
  • Acquisition
    Gift of Captain Fothergill
  • Collector
    Captain Fothergill
  • Place collected
  • Date collected
    1872 before
  • Measurements
    105 mm x 125 mm
  • Note
    Curator's note: Votive statuettes of women holding children appear in large numbers in Cyprus between the 6th century BC until the beginning of the Hellenistic era. They are associated with a divine figure, possibly a goddess of later status rather than the Great Goddess of Cyprus itself and the children they hold are probably put under the protection of the divinity. A number of these type of kourotrophoi come from Idalion and a significant group from the sanctuary of Agios Photios in Golgoi. This example is similar to catalogue number 210 by A. Hermary, The Cesnola collection of Cypriot Art, Metropolitan Museum of New York, 2014.
  • Related people
    Capt Fothergill ( Collector)

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    Edmondson, John; Bienkowski, Piotr

    Author: Edmondson, John; Bienkowski, Piotr
    Publisher: Yale University Press
    Date: 2014

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