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One of the four ‘Stobart Tablets’ with Demotic inscriptions on either side recording astronomical observations during the reigns of the Roman Emperors, Vespasian, Trajan and Hadrian between AD 71 – 133. Each tablet gives positions from year to year of the five planets in the ecliptic according to the following order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The positions are indicated in the order: month (from 1 to 12 and epagomenae), day (from 1 to 30) and zodiacal sign. Such compilations of planetary tablets were used for the casting of horoscopes; the basis of computation is uncertain. They provided for any specific day the zodiacal sign within which each planet was located. This practice does not go back to Egyptian thought of the Pharaonic period; it derives from the influence of Babylonian astrology in the Graeco-Roman world.

The construction of each tablet is as follows: a wooden frame supports a thin wooden foil covered with white plaster (gesso) on both sides. One side of the frame contains three pairs of holes to permit a number of tablets to be bound together into a kind of book (codex). The ‘pages’ have a little rectangular thickening in the middle, also covered with plaster, probably intended to prevent the wooden foils from warping. Each side of a tablet contains 5 columns, separated from each other by fine double-lines in red. Horizontal lines enclose the groups referring to a single planet in each year, the ‘years’ being written in red. Every column contains about 30 lines (not ruled), except the obverse of M11467a, where the lower part of this page is separated by a horizontal wooden fillet and the remaining small rectangular filed was covered with plaster, which is now almost completely gone. It is therefore impossible to tell why this space was separated from the main text in the upper part of the tablet, from which nothing is missing. One could assume that M11467a, now the first of the preserved tablets, was actually the first page in a book and consequently gave some kind of ‘title’ on its obverse. This is, however, very unlikely in view of the fact that M11467a does not begin with a new year, but somewhere at the end of “year 3” (of Vespasian). All the preserved tablets are written by the same scribe as the ductus clearly shows. The actual state of preservation of the tablets is fairly good, however, for this tablet (M11467a) there is damage in obverse column 5 and reverse column 1/2 by the scaling off of the plaster. One little fragment of plaster is now pasted on erroneously and upside down. Originally there must have been at least eleven such tablets

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
    Africa: Northern Africa: Egypt: Thebes
  • Date made
    71 AD - 77 AD
  • Materials
    Ink; Wood; Gesso
  • Location
    World Museum, Level 3, Ancient Egypt Gallery
  • Acquisition
    Gift of Joseph Mayer
  • Collector
    Henry Stobart
  • Place collected
    Africa: Northern Africa: Egypt: Thebes
  • Date collected
    1855 - 1856
  • Measurements
    4 mm x 72 mm x 114 mm
  • Note
    The accesion card from 1867 made by Charles Gatty ('Gatty Slip') notes a copy of the label from when they were displayed in Joseph Mayer's museum on Colquit Street (1857-67): "Four tablets found in a tomb in Egypt in the year 1853 by the Rev. H. Stobart - containing observations on the planets, written in the Demotic character supposed to date to the first year of the reign of Trajan, and ending the first year of the Emperor Hadrian, from AD 97 to AD 116 a period of 19 years". However, we only have record of the Revd. Stobart visiting Egypt in 1855-6 and not in 1853.
  • Related people
    Joseph Mayer ( Previous owner); Henry Stobart ( Collector, previous owner)

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Previous owners

  • Joseph Mayer

    Owned from: 1857-11-24
    How acquired: Purchased
    Owned until: 1867
    Disposal method: Donation
  • Henry Stobart

    Owned from: 1855
    How acquired: Collected
    Owned until: 1857-11-24
    Disposal method: Sold
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