Joseph William Weld

Colonel Sir Joseph William Weld (1909-1992), owner of Lulworth castle and estate, Dorset, and of the Weld Blundell art collection

Colonel Sir Joseph Weld (1909 - 1992) was the owner of Lulworth castle and estate, Dorset, and of an art collection including paintings, drawings and sculpture, much of which descended from Henry and Charles Blundell of Ince Blundell Hall, Lancashire.

In 1995, National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside purchased the Weld Blundell collection of 327 old master drawings and prints (number range WAG 1995.50 - 148 & WAG 1995.150 - 378) from Sir Joseph Weld's executors, the Trustees of the Weld Heirlooms Settlement. The Walker Art Gallery and World Museum (formerly Livepool Museum) have also acquired by purchase or donation from 1960 onwards other Weld Blundell paintings, sculptures and antiquities from the Weld family.
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