Robert Ludwig Mond

English Chemist and Excavator

Industrial chemist whose chief recreation was Egyptian archaeology. He started excavating in Thebes in 1902 and carried on working at other sites such as Armant. He was a generous financial supporter of many archaeological expeditions (including those of John Garstang) and served as president of the Egypt Exploration Society.

In Mond's will he directed the trustees to "present his Egyptian Antiquities (other than those selected by the British Museum) to such museums interested in Egyptian archaeology as the trustees should think fit". In 1939 a collection of coffins and small finds from his excvations were given to the museum.
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Collector, Previous owner
  • Nationality
    British: English
  • Born
  • Place of birth
    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England: Lancashire
  • Died
  • Place of death
    Europe: Western Europe: France: Île-de-France: Paris
  • Cause of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
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