Mrs Grimshaw

Donor of antiquities and ethnographic objects

There is little information about Mrs Grimshaw in the historical archives. There is a letter from Mr L. White, Chief Librarian of Wallasey Public Libraries written on 23 March 1960, addressed to Miss Tankard: "Herewith a collection of objects passed on to me by Mr Rowland Hill a friend of Mrs Grimshaw to whose husband they belonged. Mrs Grimshaw is anxious that if the objects are of any use to you or any other institution they should have them. I should be most grateful if you would look at the material and tell me frankly whether you feel it is of any value to anyone."

The donation consists of 34 entries with a note that some of the objects were originally in the collection of Mr Grisewood, the accountant for committees of archaeological expeditions of the Liverpool Insittute of Archaeology in the early 1900s.
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Collector, Previous owner
  • Nationality
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Born
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Place of birth
    Unknown or unrecorded
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