Thomas Hope

Collector associated with the LLAG collections

Thomas Hope was born into a family of wealthy bankers who were of Scottish origin but who had settled in Amsterdam. The bank, Hope and Company, was founded by Thomas’s grandfather. Hope was extremely well educated and from his later teenage years furthered his experience by travelling extensively throughout Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. He lived for a year in Constantinople and spent lengthy periods in Italy, Greece, Sicily, Syria and Egypt. His existing knowledge of art and history - his family were already notable art collectors - was encouraged to flourish during these journeys. He soaked up the atmosphere of the ancient cities and landscapes, fuelling his love of the classical. As a result he became an avid collector and patron of things ancient and classical. He purchased antiquities; he patronised contemporary sculptors including Flaxman, Thorvaldsen and Canova who worked in a Neo-classical style; and remodelled and furnished his homes in Duchess Street, London, and The Deepdene, near Dorking in Surrey, to reflect his taste.

In July 1917 William Hesketh Lever purchased a group of antique and Neo-classical statues, Greek vases and Egyptian antiquities from a sale at Christie’s. For Lever, the sale was the first real opportunity he had during his time as a collector to purchase a group of outstanding ancient art. He knew that the works would add considerably to his planned displays for the Lady Lever Art Gallery, which at the time was still under development, helping to explain the influence of ancient art on the development of British style. Even more significant was the provenance of this group; they had all belonged to Thomas Hope (1769-1831) one of the great British collectors and champion of refined, classical taste in Regency England.
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    Europe: Western Europe: The Netherlands: Amsterdam
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