Beni Hasan Excavation Committee

Excavation Funding Body

John Garstang's excavations at the cemeteries in and around Beni Hasan over two winter seasons, 1902-3 and 1903-4, was done for, and at the expense of, the members of a special committee which included, for one or both years, Ralph Brocklebank, Esq.; the Rt. Hon. Sir John T. Brunner, Bart.; Arthur J. Evans, Esq., F.R.S. (representing the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford); The Lady O’Hagan; Dr. M. R. James, M.A. (representing the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge); William. Johnston, Esq.; H. Martyn Kennard, Esq.; The Rev. William MacGregor; F.G. Hilton Price, Director of the Society of Antiquaries; and John Rankin, Esq. Mr William Grisewood acted as Honorary Auditor for the yearly accounts.
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