Josephine Elizabeth Gilstrap

Sponsor of Egyptian Excavations & Collector of Antiquities

Between 1900 and 1910 Miss Josephine Gilstrap contributed financially to the British School of Archaeology in Egypt and actually journeyed to see some of the work being done. In return for her support she received three large wooden cases (one measured 200 x 66 cm and the others were 122 x 46 cm) (perhaps in 1914?). They remained unopened in one of her coach houses until 1942 when she gave them to Mr Arthur Smith of the Gilstrap Public Library and Municipal Museum, an institution her uncle had founded. The collection was displayed for two months in April - May 1952 and then transferred to Liverpool in June 1952. It consists of objects excavated at a range of sites, including: Tarkhan, Kafr Ammar, Sharufa, the Ramesseum and Abydos. In the archives of the British School of Archaeology in Egypt, the name “Gilstrap Newark Nottingham” appears in the 1914 distribution list for the season at Harageh and Lahun, with indication of a £10 donation.

Josephine Gilstrap was the daughter of George Gilstrap (1822 - 1864) and Jane Catherine Fothergill (1824 - 1904). Josephine never married and acted as a companion to her widowed mother Jane Catherine Gilstrap (nee Fothergill), and then her sister Lady Anna Sophia Manners at Winthorpe House. Mrs Mabel Barber, a servant at Winthorpe House, recalled that the two sisters would go abroad February to March each year, which might be when Josephine visited Egypt.
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