Robert Carr Bosanquet

Archaeologist, Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Liverpool

Robert Carr Bosanquet was a British archaeologist, operating in the Aegean and Britain and teaching at the University of Liverpool from 1906 to 1920 as the first holder of the Chair of Classical Archaeology there. Admitted in 1892 as a student at the British School at Athens – thus an approximate contemporary of John Linton Myres - he was among the first to lead excavations at the Minoan seaside town of Palekastro on Crete, from 1902-05. He also served as Assistant Director and then Director, from 1899-1906, of the British School, during one of its productive periods as a research centre. He ran other important excavations on newly independent Crete, inland at Praisos (1901–02) and initiated the School’s major campaigns at the city of Sparta on the Greek mainland before he went to Liverpool [Source Wikipedia]
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