Joachim Negelein

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Joachim Negelein was born on September 9, 1675 in Nuremberg. Early on, he distinguished himself as inquisitive. At the St. Selbaldschule in Nuremberg and by a private teacher he received his first instructions. He already received such a thorough scientific education that he was able to become a tutor at the age of 14 with the assessor Hieronymus Felix Welser near Altdorf . From this home teaching post, he went daily to the University of Altdorf to hear lectures, although he did not have enough money to move to the university. Therefore, he returned to Nuremberg, where he became secretary of the local Scholarchen and patrician Johann Christoph Tucher of Simmelsdorf. He was not only allowed to use the scholar's extensive library, von Simmelsdorf also made sure that Negelein could attend scholarly lectures. At the same time he was privately taught by the esoteric Johann Kelpius .

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