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For over a century Liverpool has been a centre for research into the archaeology of Egypt and the Mediterranean. Much of our collection is derived from the early 20th century fieldwork projects of Liverpool University and other research organisations. We hold collections of national and international importance that attract scholars from the UK and abroad. Besides visiting researchers working within our storerooms we answer over 100 research requests a year.

Our work

Our standard work is the interpretation, display and documentation of collections, which is fundamentally a research exercise performed by staff, volunteers, students and visiting academics. Our greatest strength is Egyptology and Classical archaeology and we have curators whose research interests relate directly to these collections. You can visit our staff profiles for their work. The redevelopment of our galleries is our priority and at the moment only a small selection of antiquities is on display at the museum.  Improvements to the Ancient Egypt gallery were completed in 2008 and in 2015 we secured funding from the DCMS/Wolfson Foundation to extend this gallery to replace our dated and tired-looking exhibition spaces.

Current research

Current research projects include publishing our Etruscan collections (Jean Turfa), free-standing Roman statuary (Liz Bartman), Tomb Robbery Papyri (Mark Collier and Chris Eyre), Egyptian coffins (Aidan Dodson) and Egyptian shabtis (Glenn Janes). Recent collaborations with Liverpool University have produced a catalogue of our Sargonic and Presargonic cuneiform tablets and an exhibition of our Hittite collections. The Head of Antiquities (Ashley Cooke) maintains our links with Egyptian excavations by working on fieldwork projects in Egypt with colleagues from Liverpool University.

Online resources

Items from our collections can be found in the following websites:

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