Henry Ogg Forbes

Zoology Collector

Scottish naturalist and explorer from Drumblade, Aberdeenshire, who was educated at the universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He collected in Indonesia, Java and Sumatra (1879-1880, 1882, 1887), Papua New Guinea (1885-1886, 1889) and Socotra (1898-1899). He was appointed meteorological observer in Port Moresby and Deputy Commissioner for British New Guinea (1886) before moving to New Zealand as Director of Canterbury Museum (1890-1893). He returned to England as Director of Liverpool Museums (1894-1911) and as consulting director (1911-1932). He married the writer Annabella Keith. The genus Forbesina Ridl. was named in his honour.
  • Gender
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    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: Scotland: Aberdeenshire: Huntly: Drumblade
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    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England: Hampshire: Portsmouth: Selsey
  • Cause of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
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