1st Lord Cawdor

John Campbell, 1753-1821, politician and collector of sculpture

John Campbell, 1st Lord Cawdor, was a British politician and collector of sculpture and Etruscan vases which he displayed in his home in Oxford Street in London. He visited Italy from 1783 until 1788 and used a number of antiquaries and agents to purchase marbles including Fr Thorpe and Henry Tresham with whom he travelled around Sicily in 1783, James Durno and Thomas Jenkins. He was an early patron of Canova purchasing the Amorini shortly after meeting him in 1787 and commissioning Cupid and Psyche the following years. In 1788 he bought the magnificent Villa Lante vase from Giovanni Volpato and Jenkins had helped him secure the papal licence for its export but later on annoyed Jenkins because he refused to purchase a statue of Paris. His collection of ancient sculpture was sold in London in June 1800, and some pieces were acquired by Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell Hall
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