Niccolo La Piccola

1730-1790, Italian painter and Keeper of the Capitoline Collections

Nicolo La Piccol was the keeper of the Capitoline Collections in Rome. His collection included sculpture which was later bought from his widow by Henry Blundell. He was also one of the few Italians (some of the British were Thomas Jenkins, Gavin Hamilton, Colin Morrison and Robert Fagan ) who acquired licences for archaeological excavation of different sites in Italy. He excavated at the site known as Prato Bagnato but the name has disappeared in modern maps. The site is reported by Gaving Hamilotn with reference to a herm in Townley's British Museum collections as being 4 miles from the Porta Maggione on the road to Palestria , on the Via Prenestina about 11 km on it and on the borders of the Salone estate.
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    Associated Person, Previous owner
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    Europe: Southern Europe: Italy: Calabria: Crotone
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    Europe: Southern Europe: Italy: Rome
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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