J G C Harrison

Donor to the African Collection

J. G.C. Harrison was a British trader on the Gabon coast in the late 19th century. The accession record for states that Mr Harrison was made "King of Kaputa", which may have been a place on the Gabon Coast. As well as apparently being politically integrated into African society on the Gabon coast, he appears to have made speculative exploratory trips into the Gabon interior around the early 1880s. The accession record for a “cap of netted cotton” ( that he gave the World Museum Liverpool in 1883, quotes him saying: “the further you go into the interior the more cotton bushes are found in places where no white people have been and the natives have known it from time immemorial.”
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    Collector, Donor
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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