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A leather bound photographic album. Each image is captioned, with the majority of pages containing two images. Contents as follows:
Page 1 - My bungalow at Motihari / Bungalow and compound at mothihari across lake
Page 2 - Kurseong / Temple at Motihari
Page 3 - Tableau from 'little Minister' 1898 / Tableau on board ship 1898
Page 4 - Kurnagee, Behar / Kurnagee, Behar
Page 5 - Lingtu, Sikkim / Kalimpong
Page 6 - Kalimpong / Memdals and Karbaries with pattas at Gorubathan
Page 7 - My servants at Gorubathan / Nepali Kabarie's house in Samalbong
Page 8 - Opening of a new cottage in St Andrews Colonial Homes, Kalimpong x 2
Page 9 - Laying foundation stone of a new building in St Andrew's Homes / Palincha in Sinji
Page 10 - Forest near Tonglu / Bhutanese house in Kalimpong subdivision
Page 11 - Pedong monastery / Forest Bungalow Kalimpong with Grieve and Miss Grieve
Page 12 - Magistrate's House, Kurseong with Hammond and wali / Bhutanese avatar Lama, subsequently Deb Raja
Page 13 - Gnatong / Snows from Rikyisum
Page 14 - Loley Hermitage / Snows from Sandakfu
Page 15 - Bhanjau Nehneen Tonglu & Sandakfu / Dzos near Tonglu
Page 16 - Sea of clouds from Tonglu / Rhododendron trees at Tonglu
Page 17 - Tromowa's house in Tode / Bhutanese house in Kalimpong subdivision
Page 18 - Nepalese blind minstrel at Pateu / Richi La from Tode
Page 19 - Across the Jaldhaka from Pateu / Richi La from Tode
Page 20 - Victoria memorial, Kalimpong / Mayrong valley, near Pedong
Page 21 - Kar-gyu monastery, Chumbi valley / The Chumbi Valley from Kargyu monastery
Page 22 - Yatung wall / Yatung
Page 23 - Stream above Yatung / Yatung wall
Page 24 - Stream above Yatung 'Master' in foreground / Jelap Pass Grieve and ponies
Page 25 - Yatung / Tibetan beggars
Page 26 - Tuna plain and Chumolhari / Dongtse monastery
Page 27 - Phala Manor / Norbu Kyungtse, midway between Shigatse and Gyantse
Page 28 - Tibetan cultivators near Jor-gye, 13 miles from Shigatse, resting for midday meal / Shigatse town
Page 29 - Shigatse Jong / Shigatse Kung's garden house
Page 30 - Shigatse Jong / Maitreya Buddha (Gye-wa-cham-pa) in chapel of Na-tang monastery, six miles from Shigatse
Page 31 - Tashi Lama's snow leopard / Tashi Lama's bear
Page 32 - Landlord's house near Jor-gye, 13 miles from Shigatse / Northern Tibetan at Norbu Kyung-tse
Page 33 - Tashi Lhunpo Monastery with Shabtung, Norbu and Tashi Wangdi in foreground / Tashi Lhunpo with Shigatse Jong in background on right
Page 34 - Shigatse Jong
Page 35 - Photograph of colonial house with plaque dating to 1929. In front row, seated on step fifth from right is David Macdonald and standing in front row third from right is Charles Bell's orderly Phurbu.
Page 36 - Loose photograph same as page 35
Page 37 - Loose photograh of colonial home - baby in pram in foreground
Page 38 - Colonial home with plaque dating to 1929 - woman in doorway

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
    Asia: Southern Asia: India
  • Date made
    1891 - 1925
  • Materials
    Leather Skin; Ink; Metal Gilt; Paper Plant; Paper Cardboard
  • Location
    Item not currently on display
  • Acquisition
    From the Collection of Sir Charles Bell
  • Collector
    Charles Alfred Bell
  • Place collected
    Asia: Southern Asia: India
  • Date collected
    1891 - 1925
  • Measurements
    280 mm x 370 mm x 40 mm; 11 in x 14 9/16 in x 1 9/16 in
  • Note
    Curator's note: These are early Bell photographs, with images from his time in Bihar and travelling on ship, presumably towards India. There are early shots of Kalimpong, where he was first based on being transferred to the Himalayas and then images from his 1906 trip to Shigatse to meet the Panchen Lama. The colonial home shown on page 35 onwards was the Charles Bell home at Dr Graham's Home, Kalimpong. The Dr Graham Home's was a boarding school, set up to train Anglo-India children to be the next generation of leaders out in the colonies. It is still in operation today, although its remit has long since changed. The Charles Bell home was funded through a donation by Bell and was used as quarters for teaching staff. On a visit to Kalimpong in November 2010, the house, although disused, was still standing. Written by Emma Martin
  • Related people
    Charles Alfred Bell ( Collector)
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