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A leather bound photographic album decorated with gold embossed patterning. A series of images tracing Bell's 1910 tour of Bhutan and the treaty signing between British India and Bhutan. These are large A3 size images. Contents as follows:
Page 1. Chu-ka bridge
Page 2. Chu-ka Jong
Page 3. Camp at Chu-ka
Page 4. Pu-na-ka Jong
Page 5. Pu-na-ka Jong
Page 6. Pu-na-ka Jong
Page 7. Pu-na-ka Jong
Page 8. Camp at Pu-na-ka
Page 9. Maharaja and Council in 1910
Page 10. Maharaja, Council and self in 1910
Page 11. Maharaja and Council in 1906
Page 12. High Priest with group of musicians and dancers
Page 13. Wang-dü Po-tang Jong
Page 14. Wang-dü Po-trang Jong
Page 15. Nor-bu-gang, above Pu-na-ka
Page 16.
Page 17. Courtyard in Tassisudon Jong
Page 18. Tassisudon Jong
Page 19. Tassisudon Jong
Page 20. Tassisudon Jong
Page 21. The Tim Valley (Rydak) below Tassisudon
Page 22. Si-mu village in the Tim valley
Page 23. Sim-to-ka Jong
Page 24. Camp at Pi-me-tang
Page 25. Camp at Paro
Page 26. Paro Jong
Page 27. Paro Penlip's private house
Page 28. Druk-gye Jong
Page 29. Druk-gye Jong
Page 30. Band of Druk-gye Jongpen
Page 31. The "Tiger's Lair" monastery (Paro ta-tsang)
Page 32. Tim-bu Zimpön
Page 33. Men in Paro Penlop's bodyguard
Page 34. Paro Penlop's band
Page 35. On march in the Paro valley
Page 36. Crossing Lo-me pass in mist
Page 37. Track below Dung-ne
Page 38. Bridge over Dung-chu
Page 39. The Deb Raja
Page 40. The Ha Valley
Page 41. no caption [aristocratic house in Ha valley]
Page 42. The Maharaja's orderlies at their evening meal
Page 43. Courtyard in the Maharaja's palace

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
    Asia: Southern Asia: Bhutan
  • Date made
    1905 - 1910
  • Materials
    Leather Skin; Ink; Gold; Paper Plant; Paper Cardboard
  • Location
    Item not currently on display
  • Acquisition
    From the Collection of Sir Charles Bell
  • Collector
    Charles Alfred Bell
  • Place collected
    Asia: Southern Asia: Bhutan
  • Date collected
  • Measurements
    280 mm x 370 mm x 60 mm; 11 in x 14 9/16 in x 2 3/8 in
  • Note
    Curator's note: Although several of the images in this album are Bell's own, the image on page 11 dates to 1905/06 and was taken by John Claude White, who made a tour of Bhutan that year when he was Political Officer Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet. A number of others, including the portrait of the Deb Raja (page 39), Chole Tulku Yeshe Ngodrup were also taken by Claude White and dates to 1905/06. Written by Emma Martin.
  • Related people
    Charles Alfred Bell ( Collector); John Claude White ( photographer)
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