Gyaltsen Kazi

General Secretary of Sikkim

Rai Sahib Gyaltsen Kazi was from one of the leading families in Sikkim, the Tsugshing-Athing family. At the age of 19 he served as an intepreter on the Younghusband Expedition of 1903 -04, receiving the Tibet medal for his efforts. In 1906, he escorted Sidkyong Tulku to England, while he undertook his studies there and on his return in 1907 he was given a post in the office of Gangtok Residency, alongside this he held the post of Private Secretary to Sidkyong Tulku. The British described him as, 'Smart and intelligent, he is doing good work and promises to be a capable officer. Polite and attractive in manner'. He also served as Tashi Namgyal's (the 11th Chogyal) Judicial Secretary.

Alongside his administrative work, he took on more challenging work, accompanying the Everest Expedition of 1921 and again he was part of FM 'Eric' Bailey's entourage, who travelled from Yatung, in the Chumbi Valley to Bumthang in Bhutan to present the King of Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuk with his GCIE between June - July 1922.

According to records in the Sikkim State Archives of 1931, Gyaltsen Kazi was dismissed from his post in the Gangtok Residency for financial irregularities.

Information taken from . 'Lists of Leading Officials, Nobles, And Personages in Bhutan, Sikkim, and Tibet', 1907, Calcutta Superintendent Government Printing, India, 1908, p. 4 & 1915. p. 7 & 1920, p. 1
Written by Emma Martin, information kindly provided by Tashi Tsering, Amnye Machen Institute.

There is a photgraph of Gyaltsen Kazi in the Frederick Williamson collection, held at the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, which can be seen at:
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