Thomas Gayer Gayer-Anderson

Army officer served in Egypt and India and donor to the Humanities collections

Thomas Gayer Gayer-Anderson (surname was originally Anderson, but both twin brothers later adopted the surname Gayer-Anderson) was the younger twin to his brother Robert Grenville. He entered in the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich in 1898 and received commission in the Royal Field Artillery in 1899 and later passed through the Staff College. He served for five years with his twin in Egyptian Army and he is associated with him in some of his bequests.

He saw active service in the Boer War in 1900-02 and after a time at Woolwich was seconded to the Egyptian army from 1911-1914. He served in Europe from 1914-18 and after two years in Constantinpole. He was promoted Colonel in 1922. He had a spell at Staff College, Camberley followed by three years in Pune on the General Staff before he retired in 1929.

He took part in both world wars but returned to the active list for the Second World War. He also saw active service in Boer War in a punitive Expedition in the Sudan in 1913 and was appointed C.M.G. and awarded a D.S.O. He was eight times mentioned in the dispatches. He died in Lavenham in 1960.

Both brothers were great art lovers and they collected particularly objects from India and Egypt and donated their collections to various museums. The T G Gayer-Anderson collected Indian paintings from India during his stay in the country i.e. 1926-30. He donated a range of objects, seemingly in memory of his twin brother, including Japanese prints and figures from India to Liverpool Museum a year before his death in 1959.

He lived in Lavenham, Suffolk, first in the Great House and then next door at Little Hall: these homes were shared with his twin brother. Little Hall now houses the offices of the Suffolk Preservation Society.

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