Douglas V Phelps

Donor of Kashmiri and Tibetan metalwork

From the history files, Colonel DV Phelps of Mill House, Church Road, Woolton loaned 8 Tibetan and Kashmiri vessels in 1950. From the correspondance with Harry Iliffe and Elaine Tankard, it appears that F M Bailey (who seems to be related to Phelps by marriage via the Cozens-Hardys) helped to negotiate the loan of this material to Liverpool. In a letter of the 11th of September 1950 to Iliffe, it is noted that this material came from Phelps' late father who collected the items about 50 years ago when he was travelling in Central Asia.

Phelps also donated items to the British Museum in the same year as to Liverpool. The accession numbers for these objects are 1950,1212.1-3. Written Emma Martin.
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