John W Innes Wright

Himalayan Missionary and Collector

John W Innes Wright worked in Ghoom, near Darjeeling. Although he never went to Tibet he acquired a collection of Tibetan objects of very good quality. He initially worked for a mission based in Edinburgh, but decided to break away and form his own mission. While a small number of objects are in Liverpool, the bulk of his collections are in Edinburgh at the National Museums Scotland and also at Glasgow Museums and Art Gallery. It appears that Wright met Liverpool Museum's curator Henry Forbes in June 1896 and the two men struck up a deal so that Wright would send objects back to Liverpool. Wright described each object and recorded the price paid and the amount for which he should be reimbursed in their correspondence. In 1903 he sold sixteen printed prayer flags and mantras to the museum and on this occasion his address was noted as, Nepal Mission, Sukhia, Pokhri (Sukhiapokhri, an area just below the main town of Darjeeling), India.

It appears he collected opportunistically from Tibetan pilgrims who stopped in the Ghoom area.

See Dr Inbal Livne's PhD : Tibetan Collections in Scottish Museum 1890-1930: A Critical Historiography of Missionary and Military Intent, for further discussions on Wright.
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