Francis Buckley

Collector and President of Manchester's Arundel Society

Francis Buckley collected a wide range of objects and displayed them in his home at Tunstead, Greenfields in West Riding. He was an amatuer archeaologist and wrote and lectured widely using his collection. He was a member of the Society of Antiquities and the President of the Arundel Club, Manchester.

Huddersfield Daily examiner 2 March 2005, by Tony Pogson:
One of the great contributors to the Tolson Museum in Ravensknowle Park is Captain Francis Buckley, of Saddleworth, but his work as a collector can hardly be separated from many other aspects of an extraordinary life.
He was born in 1882 into a life of privilege as the second son of six children of Arthur Buckley and his wife Jane (from the Barber family of Holmbridge).
Francis's own daughter Maude says he grew up in Greenfield at Tunstead, an old homestead that had been in the family since 1696.
There were grouse and shooting parties and billiard exhibitions. Here the children's guinea pigs had the freedom of the garden and there was frenzied searching for them at nightfall, for which the family's pointer dogs were excellent!
Francis grew up tall, red-haired and serious-minded and read law at Trinity College, Oxford. He was a good shot and hunter, capped for Oxford and for Yorkshire at rugby.
Francis shared a house in London with painter T Martin Ronaldson and after the First World War worked as a barrister with Sir Edward Marshall Hall who defended many famous cases.
But Maude said the shock and horrors of the First World War changed him forever as a person.
Francis was at first unable to get a commission because of his poor eyesight and as a special constable he spent the early war guarding the Bank of England.
(In the Second World War - after Army service - he was part of an elderly Home Guard unit guarding the BBC transmitter at Pole Moor - with just a shotgun between them.)
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