Contemporary Tibetan artist

Dedron graduated from the Art Department of Tibet University in 1999. She is a member artist of the China Minority Art Association and of the Gedun Choephel Artists’ Guild. Two of her paintings were nominated as ‘Outstanding Work’ in exhibitions displaying art of minorities in China.

Dedron’s work is based on the beauty of nature and the simple life in the miraculous land, filled with silent historical monuments, that is Tibet. But although her work is based on traditional Tibetan art, it is not a stylistic reproduction of that tradition. Dedron has created her own pictorial language that is simple yet mysterious. Her paintings incorporate Modernist, Cubist and even Surrealist influences; details of ornamentation, design, colour and impact are essential characteristics of her style.

1995-1999 B.A. Traditional Chinese Painting. The School of Fine
Arts, University of Lhasa, Tibet

Selected Solo Exhibition:
2009 Rossi and Rossi, London
Nearest to the Sun
2007 Creation Art Gallery, Beijing
Tibet is My Homeland

Selected Group Exhibition:
2008 Today Art Museum, Beijing
Tibet Today
2008 The Luxe Art Museum, Singapore
From Divinity to Humanity
2006 Australia
Contemporary Tibetan Painting
2004 Touring Show – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
Colorful Ribbons in the Land of Snows: Contemporary Tibetan Painting
2002 Guangzhou
Women Artist Exhibition

Li Keran Art Foundation

2001 Silver Prize. For My Sisters, the Fifth China All Nationalities competition
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    Asia: Central Asia: Tibet [China]: Ü -Tsang: Lhasa
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