Kesang Lamdark

Contemporary Tibetan artist

Kesang Lamdark was born in Dharamsala and grew up in Switzerland. Gyatso, along with Tsewang Tashi and Kesang Lamdark are the elder statesmen of the emerging Tibetan contemporary art scene. Both Gyatso and Lamdark chose to leave Tibet, although for different reasons. Unlike Gyatso, Lamdark sought asylum as a young boy with his parents in Switzerland. His father was a tulku, or reincarnated lama (otherwise known as a rimpoche) from Eastern Tibet. His childhood was spent living a dual existence between his Tibetan family and his Swiss foster family and his challenging, diverse artistic practices from sculpture to found object installations reflect this duality.
After apprenticing and working as an interior architect in Switzerland, he went on to study art at the Parson’s School of Design in New York, followed by an MA in visual art at Columbia University, NY.
He always felt like an outsider, until eventually, looking within, he came to understand and reconnect with his heritage while living in the west. His displaced, multi-cultural upbringing allowed him a broader personal energy. As an artist, he combines unusual materials to create a taste for something different. Ultimately, his life and work are about bringing together the unfamiliar. From Tibet to India to Switzerland to America, from hair to plexi to butter to nail polish, his unique background is the driving force behind his art.

1999-2000 MA Fine Art. Columbia University, New York
1991 – 95 B.A. Fine Art. Parsons School of Design, New York

Selected Solo Exhibition:
2008 Art Dubai 2008, Dubai
Kesang Lamdrak: The Lightness of Being
2008 Rossi & Rossi, London
Plastic Karma
2008 Shanghai Contemporary 08, China
Pink Himalayan Boulder
2003 Tibetan Youth Meeting, Bouldern, Switzerland
Nuns of Lamdark
2002 Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin
Neurolitan c/o
2001 Zurich, Switzerland
Starcake- installation piece
2001 Art Wallhof, Basel and X-tra Limmathaus, Zurich
Burned Emotions

Selected Group Exhibition:
2008 Guangdong Museum of Art, China
Farewell to Post-Colonialism: Third Guangzhou Triennial
2007 Rossi & Rossi, London
Consciousness and Form-Contemporary Tibetan art
2007 Avanthay Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland
Hobby Horse –Yeah, Yeah Dada Asia
2006 Wereld Museum Rotterdam, Nederland
2006 Grieder Contemporary, Küsnacht, Switzerland
Opening Group Show
2006 Rossi and Rossi, London
Lhasa Express
2006 CU Art Museum & The Colorado Collection, University of Colorado, Boulder Waves on the Turquoise Lake: Contemporary Expressions of Tibetan Art
2005 Kaufleuten Lounge, Switzerland
Yaki and Gesi
2005 Gallery Artraktion, Bern, Switzerland
Die Fünf Tibeter Zeitgenössische Tibetische Kunst
2005 Bern, Switzerland
Naturally Artifical
2005 Grieder Contemporary, Küsnacht, Switzerland
2002 Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin
Neurolitan c/o
2000 Rote Fabrik, Zurick
20 Jahre Rote Fabrik
2000 Tibet House, New York
2000 Parson School of Design, New York
2000 Kenny Schachter, New York
Hey You Never Know
1997 Learning Center, New York
World Artist for Tibet
1997 Miriam & Ira D Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York
26 Positions
1997 Leo Castelli Gallery, New York
1996 Kenny Schachter, New York
21st Degree
1994 Oboe, Montreal, Canada
Contemporary Tibetan Art
1994 Migros Cultural Centre, Zurich
Contemporary Tibetan Art
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