R L Vance

Indian Medical Service Doctor and Trade Agent at Gyantse

Vance was an experienced Medical Official who had served in Gyantse from September 1924 to September 1927 and whose political acumen had been recognised when he acted as the British Trade Agent there between May 1926 and January 1927. He travelled with F M Bailey in 1927 to Bhutan for the coronation of the 2nd King of Bhutan, Jigme Wangchuk. He also travelled with F M Bailey and his wife The Hon Mrs I Bailey on a private tour through the Himalayas. He moved to Kashmir as the Residency Surgeon on 1st May 1935.

His collection of around 50 objects came to Liverpool Museum in 1953 via the Abbey Art Centre.

Some information taken from, 'British-Indian medical service officers in Bhutan, 1905-1947: a historical outline' by Alex McKay
Written by Emma Martin
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