Frederick Campbell

Military Officer on Younghusband Expedition

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A student of Wellington College and the Royal Military College Sandhurst. Campbell became a army officer in India serving in the Hazara Expedition in 1888 and the Chitral Relief Expedition in 1895. He was in command of several frontier campaigns and so must have been an obvious choice for the Mission to Lhasa led by Younghusband in 1903-1904.

Campbell's papers can be found via the above website address. "Campbell's papers include maps of the route taken by the Younghusband forces, a typescript report entitled 'Reminiscences of Tibet', examples of Tibetan culture including paintings, monasteries and fortifications, landscapes, buildings and the looting of valuables by British forces."

He is buried along with his daughter in the family cemetery of Fairfield House Estate, Monkton, Ayrshire (now demolished).
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