Kathleen O'Brien Liddle

Donor to Antiquities and Ethnology collections

"Mrs O'Brien Liddle (maiden name O'Brien Webb) was born in 1901. She lived with her parents in India. She went to school in England. She married a doctor and went out to India with him. She retired to England."

Mrs O'Brien Liddle made a bequest of objects to the Liverpool Museum (now the World Museum) when she died in 1979. A list of these objects appears in her will:

"Will dated 11/9/1973. I give the following specific legacies... To the Liverpool Museum (Egyptian Section) one small Green Scarab and Sandstone Jars that go with it (they were given to my Aunt and Uncle Mr.R.Delaney by a Mr. Carter and Mr. Flemming who lived with them in the Old Shepherds Hotel in Cairo about 1904-1906. They are from the Tomb of Tutenkhamens Sister). Also my Egyptian 'Koran' (given to Mr. Delaney in Cairo in 1900) in brown leather cover. Also two China Tea Cups one white and one blue from Tibet. Also a Silver Tumbler and Silver Saucer from Nepal".
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