Alexei Bobrinskoy

Russian noble and friend of Colonel and Mrs Bailey

Count Bobrinskoy (given name not recorded) contacted the museum in 1967 offering a signed and sealed portrait of the 13th Dalai Lama (1967.183.1) and a battered Buddhist statute (1967.183.2). Liverpool had been suggested to him by Mrs Irma Bailey who he had met in Sikkim, when he had his wife had visited in 1920 (EM: I question this date, as Bobrinskoy goes on to say that Bailey took the portrait to Lhasa in the same year to be signed and sealed by the Dalai Lama, Bailey didn't taken up the post in Sikkim until 1921 and didn't go to Lhasa until 1924, but he could have sent it to Lhasa via other British officers - Charles Bell was there in 1920 and it may have been sent with Laden La). Bobrinskoy records the provenance of the objects (see notes on on-line object page).
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