Irene Marguerite Beasley

Donor to ethnology and antiquities collection, wife of Harry Geoffrey Beasley

First cousin and wife of Harry Geoffrey Beasley (1882-1939). HG Beasley's family owned a brewery in Kent and this wealthy background enabled him to collect ethnographic material and found a museum at Cranmore House, Chislehurst, Kent, in 1928. Between 1895 and 1939 he formed one of the largest private collections of ethnographic material in Britiain. He was a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and the Cranmore Ethnographical Museum produced a publication 'Ethnologia Cranmorensis'. His main interest was in artefacts from the Pacific, and his major work 'Pacific Island Records: Fish Hooks' was published in 1928. He also published articles in the Journal of the Polynesian Society and the Journal of the RAI. Irene Beasley, who shared some of his interests, donated the collection to six museums in the United Kingdom after his death: the British Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum, Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, National Museums of Scotland, Red House Museum (Christchurch), and World Museum Liverpool.

Source: Lucie Carreau PhD dissertation (June 2009).
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