Granville John Berney Duff

Associated with Ethnology collections

Collector of a small number of items from New Zealand and Canada that came to Liverpool Museum through Norwich Castle Museum in 1956.

Granville John Berney Duff was the son of Major James Duff and Mary Laura Dawkins. He was one of 6 children. Granville was baptised in 1869. He married Rangiamohia Te Herekiekie on the 11th of July 1899 at age 30. Rangiamohia was born in 1869 in Waiariki pa, Tokaanu, New Zealand. They had 3 sons. Rangiamohia died in 1908. On the 15th of February 1922, Granville married Lilian Mary Petrie at the age of 52, at St. George Hanover Square, London, England. They had 3 children.

Granville gained the rank of Major in the Norfolk Regiment, attached to the Royal Field Artillery. He fought in the First World War. He was awarded the Military Cross.
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    Collector, Previous owner
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    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England: Norfolk: Westwick
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    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: England
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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